An Experienced Team Creatively Capturing the Essence of Your Wedding Day

Instead of taking the same photos at every single wedding, 
Always Us Photography is home to a team of professional photographers who create unique works of art that always feel like you

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Beyond Beauty

It Takes More Than
Two To Capture It All

No matter the size of your celebration, ensure everything is captured perfectly with a team of six. On your big day, you can always expect David, a trained and trusted second photographer, plus an assistant. For larger guest counts, we'll include additional photographers from the team to capture your day.

To ensure your photos creatively capture you and the story of your wedding day, I'll hold my team to the highest artistic standards. ​​​​​​​ We'll put our soul into transforming your memories into artwork, and push the boundaries by incorporating unique locations and flattering poses.

Wedding Photography
Different from the Rest

learn more about photography services

learn more about photography services

 " David and his team blew us away by his professionalism
and expertise in capturing our special moments on camera. "

- Dustin & Keith -

About Always Us Photography

When my wife and I tied the knot in 2019, the photographer never delivered our wedding photos. Frustrated, my wife gifted me a camera to begin capturing our life together. After years of setting up a tripod on vacations, I started taking portraits of my wife
​​​​​​​ and realized photography was my true passion. ​​​​​​​

Always Us Photography was born shortly after. Inspired by our own wedding experience, my wife suggested the name "Always Us" because we will always have each other
at the end of our celebration.​​​​​​​ 

Today, I am proud to provide others with creative and meaningful photos that truly represent their relationships. So, you'll always have beautiful memories to look back on together.

Meet David

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​​​​​​​Thanks to my background in the hospitality industry, I know how to connect and make people laugh. So, rest assured, you'll feel at ease around me and have a great time in front of my lens.

Meet the team

Communication will flow easily and openly between the Always Us team and the rest of your vendors thanks to my friendly and collaborative personality.


I'll bring an eye for detail and four years of experience to ensure every aspect of your wedding is captured exactly as you envision it.


Capturing genuine moments and candid reactions is a breeze thanks to my five years of experience and fun-loving personality.


head Photographer & Owner


Photography assistant

Photographer / Videographer

I'm passionate about capturing authentic, unscripted moments during weddings. My goal is to document the genuine emotions and interactions that make each wedding unique.


I am passionate about filmmaking, specializing in crafting captivating narratives and capturing the beauty of your wedding day with meticulous detail.


associate photographer / Videographer

Associate Videographer


Wedding Photos that Exceed Your Expectations

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The Always Us team will bring your vision to life 
for wedding photos that are undeniably yours.