I was in your exact shoes...

When my wife and I started our search for the perfect wedding photographer, we knew that it was a huge decision. After all, wedding photos are the only things we can look back on; so we wanted someone who could capture the most important moments and help us create lasting memories of our big day perfectly.

We were looking for a photographer who can capture both the romantic and the fun moments in the most authentic way that was specifically ours. We wanted someone who understood us and our visions for the wedding. The search became more frustrated as the weeks went on...

As a professional wedding photographer, I can now look back and say " I totally get it! "

The photographs from your wedding day will live on, so it’s important to choose someone who can walk your through this entire process with a complete peace of mind knowing your day will be captured effortlessly.

Hi There! this is David

Why Me?

I am passionate about creating long-lasting memories through each photograph. My goal is to capture every moment in the most authentic way possible, so you can relive every second of your special day again and again.

With Always Us Photography personalized approach, we understand the importance of every detail and aim to make your wedding experience extraordinary. Trust us to capture your day just like we would have done it for ourselves. Let us create beautiful memories for you to cherish forever!

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and finding the right photographer adds to the stress.

You want your wedding memories to be perfect, but finding a photographer who understands your vision and can capture authentic moments is no easy task.

And the last thing you want is to worry about photography on your special day...

Let me guess...

Can we ease your mind a bit ?

With Always Us Photography, you'll never have to go through the same struggles we did.

Our team is dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for our couples.

We take a personalized approach to ensure stunning and authentic photos that truly reflect your love and joy.

So you can laugh, dance, and enjoy every moment of your perfect day without any worries about capturing those precious memories.

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About Me

A few years ago, I got married to the most beautiful woman of my life, Van. She is a great person and a daughter of God. We got married at a classical, and local venue with the surrounding of great friends and family.

I grew up a dogs lover. I have dreamed of building a dogs sanctuary in Vietnam where there are many homeless dogs that are roaming the street. I want to help these animals to have a proper cares and shelters.

I love being around dogs so much that  a year after we got married, we decided to expand our little family so we went to a local shelter and adopted Blessie and Chance. They are playful, clingy and absolutely a handful as you can already see. We love them to the moon and back.

We love great foods and love to travel to meet new people at new places! We have been to many in state cities as well as international Countries including Greece, Italy, France, and South Asia Countries. Maybe one day, we will get to meet you at an awesome place that we are traveling to, who knows! That'd be awesome, don't you think?:)


Hey there! You can never be stressful at your wedding with me! I will guide you through your day in the most comfortable way possible. 

Now, take a glass of champagne and enjoy! I've got the rest!

Meet the team

I am the photographer assistant. I will be there to make sure the comminucation between our team and other vendors smoothly. Because, we want to create the most pleasant experience for you, therefore my responsibility is very important. However, I am very easy to get along and I love to see you enjoy your big day!


This is Kevin. Besides being an easy-going person, I am very detail oriented. I will make sure all and every aspect of your wedding captured the way you want, perfectly!


I have great passion in films. I am a fun person. I can get along with you on your wedding day just fine. Candid moments are what I am seeking for at every wedding. So be ready for me!


Want to have complete peace of mind knowing the most important moments of your day won't be missed?

We will be there for you from the beginning till end and after!

We have designed a unique wedding experience that will allow you to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. 

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We Capture Your Day Perfectly!

Always Us Photography offers an approach that combines editorial fine art and authentic storytelling wedding photography.

With us, you can enjoy your special day to the fullest, knowing that every moment will be captured perfectly. Your wedding photos will not only look good, they will be full of real moments that truly reflect you and your unique love story.

Trust Always Us Photography to make your wedding day memories last a lifetime.